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About us

Lodging Apartments has taken a pioneering approach to the tourism sector in Barcelona. The company was founded by Ezequiel Vallejo, a man with a vision who has drawn on his experience to grow the business. Very much a people person, his commitment and enthusiasm remain undimmed.

Now with 15 years behind it and made up of a group of professionals specializing in a range of areas and pooling their expertise, Lodging Apartments is a dynamic business that is growing fast and has franchises in a number of cities.

The key to our success

We are motivated by what we do.

We get a kick out of our clients having a good time. That’s why we always try to make things as easy as possible for you and why we give the very best of ourselves,making our creativity and commitment to service work for you.

At Lodging Apartments we look after you.

Here’s why people choose us:

  •  Fifteen years of experience in the sector: we were among the first to pioneer this business model.
  •  Carefully selected apartments: we apply wide-ranging standards that takeinto account the state of the building, amenities and location.
  •  Customer service offices: we have teams in every destination we operate in.
  •  Range of services: we have developed an exclusive sales platform offering a whole host of services. You can access everything you need quickly and easily.
  •  Telephone helpline: you can contact us 24 hours a day and in five languages.
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