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Are you an owner?

Do you have an empty apartment?
Do you manage several properties?
Join us and rent out your apartment through our website.

More than 60 owners have put their faith in us and our ability to make their apartments a profitable revenue stream.
We want to treat them well because we know we couldn’t do anything without them.
Join us and see the benefits right away!
We offer:
  • A personal management software system that enables you to manage your bookings, make any changes to the apartment, create special offers, etc.
  • An apartment management service: we look after absolutely everything for you: cleaning, bookings, incidents, etc. All you have to do is bank the money you’ve earned.
  • Expert guidance: we advise you on how to improve your apartment, increase profitability and keep abreast of legal requirements.
  • Professional photography service: our experts will show your apartment at its best, helping you to boost your sales.
  • Online marketing campaigns: we generate traffic to our website using strategies that involve social networks, advertising and the most innovative communication tools.
  • A portfolio of loyal customers from around the world: the people who trust us come back and recommend us. We have a database of customers from all over the world.
  • Trust and experience: we have been on the market for 15 years and we just keep on growing.
  • A bespoke home staging service. We offer up to six months financing.
Write to info@lodgingapartments.com or visit and contact us at www.lodging-management.com/contacto/ 
Our team will get in touch with you without delay.
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