How to book

To reserve an apartment

1- Use our apartment browser This is simple: enter the arrival and departure date and the number of persons. We will show you the available apartments which match your search criteria.

2- Select the apartment you prefer from the list. Here you will find all the information you need to help you find the appropriate apartment for your needs: photos of the different rooms, location map, the most important amenities, comments from previous guests, and details of prices.

3- Reserve your apartment. In order to confirm your reservation you are requested to pay a percentage of between 20% and 50% of the total, depending on the city. The rest will be paid in cash during check-in. For some apartments guests are able to pay the outstanding fee by credit card, at a cost of 2% extra. Please consult our team for details in advance. In addition to the deposit we ask you to fill out your personal details and to select your preferred method of payment :

Credit card:This is the easiest, quickest and safest method. The reservation is made automatically and without delay.

Paypal:There is no need to register and it is also quick and safe because the reservation is confirmed automatically.

Bank transfer:We will send you an email with detailed instructions explaining how to make the transfer. The reservation will be confirmed as soon as you send us an email with a bank slip showing proof of transfer.

4- Keep the confirmation email. As soon as you have made the reservation you will receive an email with the confirmation. It is important to bring this with you because it provides details of all the information you need to gain access to the apartment or to make any enquiry: the exact address of the apartment, the telephone number of the person due to welcome you, information of how to make the outstanding payment, etc.

All about check-in

1- Before you arrive: At least 72 hours before arrival you must let us know what time you are planning to arrive. This is very important so that we can have a contact person waiting for you when you arrive and you don’t have to wait to get into the apartment.

2- Let us know when you have arrived in town: Once you have picked up your luggage in the airport or the station you must ring the contact person to let them know that you are on your way to the apartment and how you are getting there (train/taxi/bus/car). In this way we can make sure we are there to meet you and you will not have to wait to get into the apartment. If you are coming by car then we ask you to let us know when you are 30 minutes away. Remember that the telephone of the contact person and the exact address of the apartment are on the confirmation email.

3- Access to the apartment: You may enter the apartment from 14.00. If your flight arrives before this time you can leave your baggage in our offices. If the apartment is ready, it may be possible to enter the apartment before 14.00, but we will not be able to confirm this until the arrival date for administrative reasons.

4- Rental contract: As with a conventional rental we ask you to sign a simple contract which regulates the use of the apartment. The contract must be signed before entering the apartment. You may request a copy of the contract once you have made the reservation.

5- Keys: We will provide you with two sets of keys when you check in.

6- Payment Outstanding payment: You must make the outstanding payment in order to gain access to the apartment. We would be very grateful it you could have the exact money ready in order to make your arrival as smooth as possible. Please remember that you have the details of the price in the confirmation email. In some apartments you may make the outstanding payment by credit card, at an additional cost of 2%. Please get in touch with us in advance in order to find out if this is possible.
Refundable deposit:
You must pay a refundable deposit in order to gain access to the apartment. The method of payment may be by credit card or in cash, depending on the terms and conditions of reservation detailed on the apartment page on the website. In cases where you are able to choose the payment method we recommend paying by credit card for the sake of convenience. Please observe the relevant conditions for each apartment.
The cost of check-in may vary according to day and arrival time. Payment should be made in cash directly to the contact person. The check-in service may have an extra cost of a minimum of 15 euros until 20.00, depending on the apartment reserved. From 20.00 onwards there will normally be a late check-in fee.

Check-in fees Monday to Saturday:
From 14.00 to 20.00: 15 Euros *
From 20.00 to 23.00: 25 Euros **
From 23.00 to 1.30: 40 Euros **
From 1.30 to 07.00: 50 Euros **
Sunday and national holidays:
From 14.00 to 23.00: 30 Euros *
From 23.00 to 1.30: 40 Euros **
From 1.30 to 07.00: 50 Euros **
If you have not informed us of your time of arrival in advance and you arrive in the city after midnight you will be charged 50 euros.

(*) depending on the apartment.
(**) for all apartments.

As check-in fees may vary according to the apartment reserved we recommend you consult the details on the apartment page on the website.

All about check-out

1- Check out time: Check out time is at 11.00. From this time onwards our cleaning service will need to gain access to the apartment to get it ready for the next visitor. Please remember that we can look after your baggage in our offices during opening hours.
It is possible to request a late check-out on the day you arrive. This will incur a charge of half a day’s rent in low season and a whole day in medium/high season.

2- Cleaning: The apartment should be left in an acceptable condition, with dishes washed and rubbish tidied up and left in containers in the street. If this is not the case we will be obliged to retain a portion of the deposit for cleaning.

3- Return of the deposit: The deposit will be returned as soon as we have been able to make sure the apartment is in perfect condition and there is no damage. This will take between 1 and 10 days, depending on whether the deposit has been made by credit card or in cash. Please consult conditions for both cases.

4- Keys: Before leaving the apartment for the last time you should leave the two sets of keys on the table, unless you have requested a personal check-out. If you lose, mislay or forget to leave the keys we will be obliged to charge you to replace them and for changing the lock for security reasons.

Returnable deposit

As is the case with any type of rental we also request a security deposit which is wholly refundable. This can vary between 200 and 500 euros depending on the apartment selected. In the case of rentals of more than one month the deposit can vary between 50% and 100% of one month’s rental. The deposit will be refunded after check-out once the apartment has been checked. It may take between from 1 to 10 days depending on the method of payment selected. Credit card: This works simply as a “block” and not as a charge. The refund or unblocking of the appropriate amount may take between 3 and 5 days or may be unblocked automatically after 15 days. This is the easiest, quickest and most secure method.
Cash: You may also pay the refundable deposit in cash when you check in. However you will have to make an additional payment for a check-out service so we can check the state of the apartment at the exact time you leave the apartment. The check-out charges are the same as those for check-in. A further option is to request the deposit to be refunded by bank transfer. Transfer times and charges are entirely dependent on the bank.
Important: The functioning of the refundable deposit explained above applies to the majority of the apartments. Nevertheless it is extremely important to check the individual terms and conditions of each apartment, together with all the rest of the information relating to amenities and specific conditions.

Cleanliness in the apartments

The apartment will be clean and tidy when you arrive. The apartment rental always includes a final cleaning service which will take place the day you leave the apartment and before the arrival of the next visitors. The cost of the final cleaning service varies and is always listed on the information pages for each apartment.
Extra cleaning: You may request extra cleaning through our team. The cost is the same as that included in the rental. It is listed in the breakdown of prices available before you make the rental or in the confirmation email.
Cleaning when leaving the apartments: We request you to wash all the dirty plates, to clear up the rubbish and place it in containers outside the apartment. If you do not do so we will be obliged to deduct the appropriate cleaning cost from the deposit.
Cleaning in stays longer than 7 days and monthly rentals: It is a requirement to contract a cleaning service every 7 or 10 days for maintenance, and to change the sheets. The charge varies according to apartment and is always detailed on in the apartment information on the website.

Cancellations and changes to reservations

- The reservation deposit will not be returned under any circumstances. - It is possible to add extra days to the reservation, either beforehand or afterwards, but only if the dates are available. The period of stay can be reduced one month before the arrival date. In this case, the relevant proportion of the reservation deposit will not be returned. - If the apartment you have reserved is not available due to unforeseen circumstances which we are not able to resolve we reserve the right to accommodate you in another apartment with similar or superior characteristics. Should this be the case both parts are authorized to terminate the contract, in which case we would return the amount paid (less the days you may already have been in the apartment). LodgingApartments take no responsibility for complaints or claims which the client may make subsequently.

Legal liabilities

Neither Lodging Apartments nor the owner will be responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the apartment, including breakages, loss after fire, theft or vandalism.
LODGING APARTMENTS will not be responsible for any errors or omissions which might arise from the information published on its website and reserves the right to change details of the apartments such as prices, descriptions and photographs.

LODGING APARTMENTS reserves the right to update any of the terms and conditions of use at any moment should the needs of the business demand. Users are responsible for ensuring the validity of terms and conditions included on the website. The use of services on the website entails the agreement and acceptance of terms and conditions.

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