Why enter a museum, when the museum can be Barcelona. The Mediterranean city has become a place of cult regarding graffiti’s and street art. Wherever you turn, wherever you go you will find a masterpiece in the walls. 

Barcelona is not only recognized for it’s beaches, attractions or architecture. As far as it concern, is one of the best cities in Europe to go out and have a great night. Clubs, bars and pubs are all over the city; just one night will not be enough to enjoy nightlife in Barcelona, as you should.

Antonio Gaudi was a Spanish architect, and one of the creators of the Catalan Modernism. Throughout his life Gaudi represented his thoughts and conceptions of a different kind of architecture in the streets of Barcelona. Although each building has something different from each other, Gaudi did not believed in the geometric aspects of common buildings. His most important art works where a combination of asymmetric forms and volumes.

Barcelona is the most cosmopolitan city in Spain and treasure wealth of Gaudi architecture, Tàpies and Picasso paintings and sculptures, and is one of the best preserved cities in Europe. However, the cosmopolitan Barcelona city is not only enjoyable for its art, but also a pleasure for its Catalan cuisine, upscale tapas bars and nightlife that is at the forefront.

The cruise tour in Barcelona is extremely popular among tourists. A half-a-day trip on the Mediterranean between the creatures of the sea is simply a magnificent one. No one can resist the temptation of spending a day at the sea, on a cruise filled with all the luxuries of life. From champagne to great tasting food, the cruise trip is fun-filled day trip. 

Tibidabo Mountain is one of the very famous mountains of Spain because it provides a stunning view of Barcelona. From atop the 512 meters tall head of the mountain the spectacular view is what that keeps the tourists coming again and again. But don’t be fooled thinking this is all about the views because it definitely isn’t!

Barcelona is a city that can be toured through various ways: walking, cycling, public transport etc. Here are a few reasons why you should rent a bike in Barcelona:

Barcelona’s street food tour is very famous. You can enjoy the delicacies this city has to offer. The tour guides make sure to take you through the streets of Barcelona is search of the right food for you. Here you have a list of the most popular tours:

Can Framis is a museum that promotes contemporary Catalan artworks and paintings. This museum holds more than 250 paintings of artists from Catalonia. These paintings range from the ones dating back to the ‘60s to the present and counting.

Tales Of Barcelona Tour is based on the areas mentioned in certain books. The guides will take you through the places that your favorite books have spoken so much about. You can relive the imagination and see the ideas come to life as you go through the city. Tales Of Barcelona Tour could be your dream tour.